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Important Specifications of a Home Studio Microphone

For the musicians, You tubers or potential broadcasters, it is important to have a home-studio that is well equipped with all types of microphones for regular audio recordings. Microphones play an important role in the home studio; actually, you cannot do without these important pieces of equipment.

When you are out there looking for a perfect microphone, multiple choices may confuse you if you intend to have the best home studio. However, you should not worry because the following guideline is ideal for you. Here are the specifications that you need to consider when looking for the best microphones for recording in your home studio.


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Microphones have different levels of sensitivity. It is the measure of how much a particular sound produces electrical output. This is what determines whether you have a quality microphone or not. When you need to do perfect audio recording especially for musicians and broadcasters, a sensitive microphone is the best choice to consider.

When you attach a sensitive microphone to instruments such as a guitar, you can increase the gain of the console and add noise to the mix. However, you need to be sure on how to use the sensitive microphones since it might overload the electronic inputs and cause distortion.

Overload Characteristics

When you are buying a microphone for your home studio, you need to know if it can sustain overload characteristics. Most models of microphones produce distortion when loud sounds override them. Overload can be caused by some factors differently depending on the type of microphone that you use in recording your audio.

For instance, the dynamic microphones can interfere when a coil is pulled out of the magnet to make the internal amplifier to clip. Loud sounds can degrade the performance at ordinary sound levels. In other words, you will have to choose a microphone based on high sensitivity and high overload points although the microphones usually have a switch for the different occasions.

Linearity or Distortion

When you focus on linearity or distortion, you will be forced to buy the premium microphones because this is a feature that determines the price of the microphones in the local or online stores. Distortion is usually determined by how the diaphragm is mounted on the microphone and the relevant care.

Distortion performance defers in different microphones depending on how the manufacturer designed it. You need to buy a microphone with high standards to can handle distortion when you are recording audio in your home studio.



Currently, microphones produce a small amount of noise. Therefore, you need to consider how light the moving parts should be to follow the sound waves accurately. If you need a noise-free microphone, you should consider buying the dynamic microphones to be used for recording and other electronic processes.

When you are recording audio, even the slightest noise is intolerable. This is why you must focus on buying a microphone that is carefully designed and constructed of premium parts for better performance in your home studio.