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Features of the best drones

Expensive drones will fly farther and take better photos and movies; they also come with whistles and bells.  However, that is not enough to help you decide on the drone to buy. You must know about the specs if you want to buy a drone. You need to look at the features of the drones that will help you make an informed decision. Here are just some of the essential features that you need to look for in a drone.

Global positional system (GPS)

global positional system

The GPS is a vital feature in a drone.  It is especially suitable if you want to shoot videos using your gadget. The feature will allow the drone to hover at a given spot without the need to you using the controls. There are some drones that come integrated with GPS. The feature allows the device to know their exact location.   This feature will help the drone to go back home. The feature improves the navigational and stability skills of the drone.


The camera is one of the features that you will get when you buy a drone.  You depending on how you will use the drone, you need to look for a camera that is of high quality.  There are drones which have gimbal which will keep the camera steady when the drone is moving or is blown by the wind.  You have to make sure that you put the camera specs into consideration if you want to get the best quality footage. There is some drone which comes with an inbuilt camera.  There are still those that give you the option to attach the camera separately.

Battery life

The drone will run out of battery at one point.  Even if the model is the best in the market, the charge will not go beyond 30 minutes. Thus, you will have to carry an extra battery just in case the charge runs out.  You need to include the cost of the spare batteries when you are considering buying the drone.

Follow-me mode

follow-me mode

There are drones which have the follow-me mode.  The mode allows you to track you across the ocean or ground. You can concentrate on doing other activities while the drone is recording the progress. There are some drones which do the follow-me better than others. If it is the feature that you want, make sure that you get the drone that will provide it to the level best.  The budget drones are a great choice.